What is a Bluebird Lawn Comber?

The Blue Bird C18 lawn comber’s feather weight compact design, folding handle, and rugged construction comes with a 5.5 Horsepower Honda motor making it one of the most versatile dethatchers available for rental at Home Pros.

How much does a bluebird power rake weigh?

140 lbs
Product size, LxWxH 50x31x40 (26.75 x 31 x 24 with handle closed)
Weight (less fuel/water containers) 140 lbs
Crate Dimensions L x W x H 36 x 36 x 35

How do you use a bluebird Overseeder?

Are power rakes worth it? Why Should You Power Rake Your Lawn? Power raking is great for removing dead matter and aeration. Because only the thatch layer is targeted, waste is removed without damaging the healthy grass allowing faster recovery. Removing this thatch layer will enable your lawn to breath easier and root deeper.

What height should my power rake be? A height of about a quarter-inch (6.35 millimeters) above the soil may work — adjust the blades while they are on a smooth surface. They may need to be slightly higher for delicate grasses.

Can you put too much seed down when overseeding? Ignoring recommended seeding rates Don’t overdo or cut corners. Too much grass seed causes undue competition for resources such as light, water and nutrients, and grass seedlings struggle as a result. Too little seed leaves lawns thin or bare.

How much seed should I put down when overseeding? If most of your lawn already has thick grass growth, overseeding will be a general maintenance task. In this case, you should use two to four pounds of seed for every 1,000 square feet of lawn. However, if your lawn has exposed areas of soil, apply four to eight pounds of seed per every 1,000 square feet.

Should I seed or aerate first? The seed, fertilizer, and water will have the best chance to get down into the holes made by the aerator if applied soon after aeration.

How high should bluebird be off ground? Height: Bluebirds nest within a wide range of heights, from two to 50 feet. Mounting at eye level provides easy checking; however, if cats or other predators are problems, hang nest boxes at least six to eight feet from the ground.

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Is power raking the same as dethatching?

What is a Bluebird Lawn Comber?

Power raking is a more aggressive process of removing thatch and dead matter in the lawn while dethatching is a light process that removes just a thin layer of debris that makes fertilizer absorption poor.

How many feet off the ground should a bluebird house be?

How many feet off the ground should a bluebird house be?
5 to 10 feet

Bluebirds prefer large expanses of short grass with a clear flight path, ideally facing a field. Try not to place the house too close to feeders. Make sure it is mounted 5 to 10 feet off the ground. Bluebirds do not tolerate swaying birdhouses, so anchor the nest box firmly to a smooth round pipe.

When should you not power rake? For cool season grasses, power raking is recommended in early fall or spring. Warm season grasses are better power raked in late spring to early summer. Because power raking does damage some healthy grass, it is important to power rake with enough growing season left for your lawn to recover.

How often should you power rake? As mentioned, and as a rule of thumb, you should only power rake when thatch has grown more than 1/2” deep. To be sure, simply cut a couple of plugs 2-3” deep and check if thatch (the reddish-brown layer between the grass and the roots) is over ½-inch thick.

How deep should I power rake my lawn?

Should I water before power rake? Furthermore, do not power rake when the soil is wet. Power raking while the soil is wet will pull out or tear the grass plants during the raking because live grass plants do not hold well in wet soil. Finally, power rake your lawn before seeding or top dressing.

Can you power rake when the ground is wet? De-thatching can be performed in the rain but it is more work for the technician, especially during the raking and bagging stage since the wet, soggy thatch is quite a bit heavier. As long as the machine is not tearing at the roots of the grass, there is no negative impact on the lawn.

  Is it better to aerate or dethatch?

Is it better to power rake or aerate? I recommend using core aeration as an annual practice for lawns instead of power raking, which most everyone seems to do. Core aeration improves the lawn’s health and vigor by breaking up soil compaction, which improves water drainage, nutrient absorption and air circulation to the roots.

Should I mix grass seed with topsoil when overseeding? Should you mix grass seed with topsoil? If you’re looking for a quick answer, yes, you should mix grass seed with topsoil for small areas of your garden and other applications.

What comes first fertilizer or grass seed? Do I apply the fertilizer before seeding or after? Apply the fertilizer before seeding. When is the best time to plant a new lawn? Spring and fall are the best times to plant a new lawn.

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Should you overseed twice?

Should you overseed twice?

It is recommended to fill in a lawn with 50% or more grass coverage. However, at 50% you will likely need overseeding twice to get the lawn to 90-100%. Just throwing seed on your lawn without aerating or working up the soil will have little to no positive effect on your lawn.

Can I just throw grass seed down on existing lawn?

Overseeding can help you get back to the thick, lush, green lawn you’ve always wanted. By spreading grass seed over your existing lawn, you can thicken up the thin areas, and your lawn will start to look terrific again. (This is different from reseeding, which is when you start over and plant a completely new lawn.)

Should you fertilize when you overseed?

Stop fertilizing for at least a month before overseeding. The fertilizer makes your grass grow faster, which makes it harder for the new seeds to take hold.

How much will a 50 lb bag of grass seed cover?

10,000 square feet

The 50lb option covers 10,000 square feet for overseeding and 5,000 square feet for bare ground.

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What is the best month to aerate my lawn?

The best time to aerate your lawn is in late summer or early fall, as this will allow your grass to recover completely before going dormant in the winter. While Fall is recommended, you can also aerate and overseed your lawn in the spring between March and May.

Should I pick up plugs after aerating?

Should I pick up plugs after aerating?

As we’ve established, don’t remove aeration plugs. It takes approximately one to two weeks for the plugs to break down on their own, but there are some things you can do to help the plugs break down faster to tidy up the lawn. You can hope for rainfall, but you can also water the lawn to help the plugs break down.

What happens if you don’t aerate?

1 Aeration creates holes down into the soil to alleviate compaction so air, water and nutrients can reach grass roots. Deprived of their basic needs by compacted soil, lawn grasses struggle in stressful situations, such as heat and low rainfall, and lose their healthy, rich color.

How much does a rake weigh?

Rakes can weigh less than one pound or more than four. Their weight depends on their size and the materials used in their construction. Lighter rakes are good for tasks like raking dry leaves, while heavier rakes are good for heavy-duty tasks like moving dirt or leveling sand.

How much does a Classen power rake weigh?

135 lbs.
Standard Turf Rakes With Spring Tines – Model Chart
Product No. TR-20RH
Dimensions 40″ H x 27″ W x 44″ L
Dimensions (handles folded) 29.5″ H x 27″ W x 30.5″ L
Dry Weight 135 lbs.
Engine Honda® GX160

How much does a lawn Dethatcher weigh?

Adjustable Forward Speed No Adjustable Handle
Oil Capacity (oz.) 19.5 Power Type
Product Weight (lb.) 144 lb Recommended Oil Type
Reconditioned No Returnable
Reverse No Start Type

8 more rows

How much does a landscape rake weigh?

Weight: 229.22 lbs.

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