Is Spear and Jackson made in China?

The principal manufacturing facility is in Bradford, its UK-based sales operation is based in Camberley, while its Shanghai facility distributes the Bowers range to a rapidly expanding Chinese market.

What is a rabbiting spade used for? The Bulldog Rabbiting Spade was originally designed for digging out rabbit burrows. The shape of the blade originates from when the spade was used to dig small hunting dogs such as Jack Russell’s out of the rabbit hole. Today it is the perfect tool for cutting through soil with minimum effort.

Where are Bulldog shovels made?


Bulldog Tools is a British manufacturer of gardening and agricultural tools based in Wigan, Greater Manchester, England.

Where are Bulldog tools made?

Wigan, England

The Bulldog Premier garden range is made at our factory in Wigan, England. We have been making tools on the same site since 1780. To this day we finish the heads, assemble the product and produce our own handles from the best quality ash using techniques that have not changed in generations.

Where are Bulldog pedigree tools made?

Wigan, England

Bulldog Tools have been manufacturing and supplying British made gardening, contractors & farming tools since 1780 in Wigan, England. All Bulldog digging tools are tested to surpass British Standard and can typically take a load in excess of 90kg (200lb).

What is a poacher’s spade? It has a longer, more dished and tapered blade than a Border Spade, which makes it easier to penetrate the soil. Its shape also makes it quicker to dig deeper and rounder holes for planting. Every garden shed should have one!

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Are any garden tools made in the UK?

It’s an area that’s been known for its skills in knives and steel since the 14th century, and we are proud to call it home. This makes us the UK’s oldest manufacturer of garden tools and accessories, and we still produce high quality steel products at our factory in Sheffield – the same premises we moved into in 1873.

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Are Richard Carter tools made in UK?

Celebrating 275 years in UK manufacturing. Richard Carter Ltd are celebrating their 275th anniversary year in UK manufacturing. Throughout 2015 the Company will be marking their history that takes us right back to 1740!

What is a bulldog tool used for?

A bulldog forceps, clamp or serrefine is a type of forceps which is used in surgery. It has serrated jaws and a spring action so that it will grip and hold sutures, tissues or vessels.

Are Kent and Stowe garden tools made in the UK?

All Kent & Stowe products have been designed in the UK with quality and unique points of difference at the forefront, offering strength, reliability, comfort, cosmetic appeal and functionality.

Where are Sneeboer tools made?

the Netherlands

We stock a wide range of exceptional quality tools, made by Sneeboer & Zn, a family firm in the Netherlands. Hand-forged from high quality stainless steel, they are the best we have come across and are used in the gardens.

Where are Burgon and Ball products made?


Burgon & Ball British-made and produced in Sheffield since 1730, these are some of the finest tools in the world. All Burgon & Ball tools are covered by a no-quibble lifetime guarantee and will exceed your expectations.

How do I contact Kent and Stowe?

Consumer helpline 01480 443789
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  2. Boost.
  3. Careers.

Where are Greenman garden tools made?

Based in Newton Abbot, the business was founded in 1972 by Don and Eileen Winter, both with fine pedigrees in tool making.

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What is the best brand of garden tools?

Is Spear and Jackson made in China?
Here’s our list of best gardening tools brands to shop in 2021.
  • Bulldog Hand Tools, Supplied by ToolChimp. …
  • Spear and Jackson. …
  • Burgon and Ball. …
  • Sneeboer & Zn. …
  • Gardener’s Supply. …
  • Bosch. …
  • Corona Tools. …
  • WOLF-Garten.

What brand of gardening tools do professionals use?

What brand of gardening tools do professionals use?

Gardening power tools for the professional gardener Honda. Masport. Husqvarna. Lawnflite.

Are Burgon and Ball tools made in England?

Burgon and Ball have been making and supplying tools in the UK since 1730 and use all this experience to manufacture this superb range of garden tools. Each tool has unique features to enhance performance and are also ergonomically designed for superb user comfort.

Are Burgon and Ball tools made in Sheffield?

At Burgon & Ball, we offer an extensive range of high quality garden tools for every gardening task. We’ve been creating tools in our Sheffield factory since 1730, and the metalworking expertise of our workforce is packed into our tools.

Are bulldog garden tools good?

Is the Bulldog Tools Premier Border Spade good value for money? This is the most expensive border spade in our test but it’s well made, built to last and comes with a lifetime warranty. We think it’s good value for money.

Who invented the Bulldog clamp?

American Louis Baltzley

It is thought that bulldog clips (binder clips) were originally invented by American Louis Baltzley in 1910.

Where are Kent and Stowe spades made?

Where are Kent and Stowe spades made?

Kent & Stowe garden tools are UK designed, high quality tools with a reputation for being built to last.

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Is Kent and Stowe a British company?

A British institution and byword for outdoor beauty, the company make the unpredictable state of nature that bit easier to properly manage.

Are there any British made tools?

King Dick Tools Their range of engineering and precision hand tools is extensive – spanners, torque wrenches, tool cabinets, screwdrivers, pliers, podgers, socket sets – they have the lot, and nearly everything is ‘UK made’.

Are Spear & Jackson garden tools made in the UK?

The principal manufacturing facility is in Bradford, its UK-based sales operation is based in Camberley, while its Shanghai facility distributes the Bowers range to a rapidly expanding Chinese market. It operates a number of principal brands including Bowers, Moore & Wright, CV Instruments and Baty.

Are Draper tools made in the UK?

Draper Tools Ltd is a British distributor of tools for professional and consumer use, based at a 50,000m2 (535,000 sq. ft.) site in Chandler’s Ford in Hampshire, England.

What hand tools are made in UK?

  • All Hand Tools.
  • Marking, Measuring & Levels.
  • Planes, Spokeshaves & Scrapers.
  • Sharpening Tools.
  • Clamps.
  • Hammers, Mallets & Punches.
  • Screwdrivers & Drills.
  • Files & Rasps.
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