Invisible Fixed Buckle Leaf Clips Traction Holder

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1、Material: ABS

3、Packing: 10/20/50PCS

4、Size: There are three sizes to choose from.

5、Weigth: weight 30g/lot opp&Box/bag

6、Features: Organize vine branches, store wires, cables, etc. It can also be used for wiring management such as household cable management. High-quality plastic will not damage plants.

7、Space saving: The fixing clip effectively saves the indoor space. The rattan can be fixed on the wall without taking up space, and the direction of the indoor wire can also be fixed.

8、Strong suction and knob design: The fixed clamp knob design is easy to use, sturdy, saves space, the base has strong suction force and is not easy to fall off.
9、Suitable for cars, homes, and offices, can be used for various cables, various climbing plants, placed in accordance with our planned shape and direction.
10、 Please allow slight dimension difference due to different manual measurement.

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Set Type







Leaf shape

Apply to:

Cable finishing, wire organization, vine traction

Feature 1:

Garden decoration

Feature 2:

Wire organization

Feature 3:

Plant climbing wall fixture