How fast can a John Deere sprayer go?

Both 600 Series Sprayers can reach field speeds up to 25 mph and transport up to 35 mph. All 400 and 600 Series Sprayers can be equipped with 90-, 100-, or 120-foot steel booms, or 120- or 132-foot carbon-fiber spray booms. In addition to the sprayers, there are two dry spinner applicators, the 400R and 600R.

Where are JD sprayers made?

The Netherlands

A new series of self-propelled sprayers from John Deere has been launched into the marketplace. Manufactured at the company’s Horst factory in The Netherlands the new R4140i 4000-litre capacity and R4150i 5000-litre capacity machines offer improved performance, precision, safety and operator comfort.

What is the biggest self-propelled sprayer? WOODSTOCK, Ont. — Kitted-out as a Canada Special, the new Dammann 3500 HS4 Profi-Class is the largest self-propelled sprayer in the North American marketplace. While not quite the widest, at 125 feet, it takes the prize for the most capacity, at 3,170 gallons.

What years did John Deere make the 4730 sprayer? 2008: 4730/4830 Sprayers are introduced. The 4730 increases horsepower over the 4720 to 245 while the 4830 provides 275 horsepower and a 1000-gallon solution tank. The new design also provides the convenience of a front access ladder and an option for a 100-foot boom.

Who owns hagie?

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Who owns Hagie sprayer?

John Deere

John Deere has announced it is acquiring majority ownership of Iowa-based Hagie Manufacturing. Hagie sprayers will continue to be produced at the company’s Clarion, Iowa, location and will still carry the Hagie brand.

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How do you spray a John Deere sprayer?

How tall is a John Deere 4830 sprayer?

86.7 in
Max Adjustable Height 86.7 in (218 cm)
Max Boom Width 100.1 ft (30 m)
Min Adjustable Height 27.1 in (69 cm)
Min Boom Width 80.1 ft (24 m)
Number of Sections 7

1 more row

Who makes Apache sprayers?

Equipment Technologies

Apache Sprayers’ parent company, Equipment Technologies, was founded in 1997, with one goal in mind: build the best and most reliable agricultural sprayers.

What is the biggest sprayer boom?

This truck sprayer may be the biggest in the world, according to the manufacturer.. It has a 3,150 gallon tank and a 150 foot boom. Ron fills the 3,150 gallon tank and mixes in the chemical at the farm headquarters and drives to fields, which are spread out about 15 miles from farm.

Does versatile still make sprayers?

Manufactured by Versatile in Willmar, Minnesota, the new Versatile Self-Propelled Sprayers represent the evolution of Versatile and set the benchmark for features, operator comfort and convenience….Self-Propelled Sprayer SX280.
Model SX280
Rated HP 280
Peak HP 291

1 more row

How much horsepower does a John Deere 4730 sprayer have?


The John Deere 4730 remains a very popular sprayer option within the equipment community. The 4730 has a horsepower of 245, and features a front access ladder and an option for a 100-foot boom.

What does a John Deere 4930 weigh?

31025 lbs
Operating Specifications
Dry Weight – max 31025 lbs (14,073 kg)
Dry Weight – min 30000 lbs (13,608 kg)
Fuel Capacity 140.1 gal (530 l)
Hydraulic Fluid Capacity 20.1 gal (76 l)
Rinse Tank Capacity 150 gal (568 l)
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How do you work a John Deere 4730 sprayer?

Is hagie part of John Deere?

In 2019, the STS10 & STS12 receive the John Deere 6.8L PowerTech Tier 4 engine and Hagie releases the LS475 to the market for the John Deere F4365. In 2020, John Deere acquires the remainder of Hagie ownership.

What is John Deere LOAD command?

The Load Command system allows the operator to pull the sprayer up to the tender unit, couple the Load Command tender arm to the Load Command coupler on the 4940 Sprayer, and receive a full 4542-L (1200-gal.) load in as fast as three minutes.

How does see and spray work?

See & Spray Select uses camera technology to detect color differentiation in the field and is ideal for small-grains farmers who manage weed pressure on fallow acres. As the sprayer moves through the field, its cameras rapidly detect only green plants within fallow ground and triggers an application to those plants.

What is John Deere ExactApply?

How fast can a John Deere sprayer go?

ExactApply is an individual nozzle control system available on John Deere Sprayers that provides the ability to maintain a consistent droplet size and pattern as you change speeds and adjusts to reduce overlap, skips and drifts as you cover an entire field.

What does a John Deere 4830 Sprayer weight?

4830 Sprayer weight JD 4830 with 100 ft boom 25,300 lbs.

How tall is a John Deere 4710 sprayer?

How tall is a John Deere 4710 sprayer?

While some models of self-propelled sprayers have limited adjustments, in terms of the height of where the boom is located in relation to the ground, the John Deere 4710 allows for a minimum height of 27 inches and a maximum of more than 86 inches.

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How tall is a 4730 sprayer?

86.7 in
Max Adjustable Height 86.7 in (218 cm)
Min Adjustable Height 27.1 in (69 cm)
Min Boom Width 80.1 ft (24 m)
Number of Sections 7
Plumbing Material stainless steel

1 more row

What speed should you spray at?

In terms of miles per hour, the most common application speed ranges between 10-16 mph for self-propelled sprayers. Any faster and a grower risks not achieving uniform coverage, or creating spray drift. “Look at your boom wings as you’re traveling across a field,” Hurt said.

Which tractor have higher speed?

JCB Fastrac 8000 This is the fastest tractor in the world and touches a top speed of 103.6 mph.

How fast can the average tractor go?

There is now a tractor which can go 80 mph is in stark contrast to the past with many farm tractors. Most farmers have had tractors with maybe a top speed of 20-25 mph. In some case it could have been even slower than that.

How fast can a modern tractor go?

An effective speed limit of 25 mph will be applied for conventional tractors. Modern tractors are designed to safely travel at speeds of up to, or over 25 mph , but current regulations restrict their speed to 20 mph , lower than many other EU countries.

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